What do I need in order to have my vehicle inspected?

All you need is a CURRENT copy of your Texas insurance and your vehicle. We will accept Proof of insurance presented on smart phones and tablets.

What do I need if my vehicle is registered out of state?

A copy of your CURRENT Texas insurance and your drivers license. Your drivers license may be an out of state license. Out of State insurance will not be accepted.

If there is a crack in my windshield will my car pass?

Yes you will! As long as the crack in your windshield does not interfere with your ability to see or the function of your wiper blades, it will not affect your inspection.

My check engine light is on, will my vehicle fail inspection?

If the year of your car is 1996 and newer, YES, your car will fail inspection. When your check engine light is on that means your vehicle is having an emissions related problem. It will fail the emissions portion of the test.

What does the State Inspection entail?

There are two parts of the State Inspection. The first portion is a safety inspection and the second part is an emissions inspection.

During the safety inspection we check:

  • Tires
  • Brake/Tail Lights
  • Tail Light Lenses
  • Brakes
  • Seat Belts
  • Wheel Assembly
  • Parking Brake
  • Power Steering
  • Exhaust System
  • Headlights (High and Low beams)
  • License plate lights
  • Turn Signals
  • Horn
  • Window Tint

During the emissions inspection on a vehicle that is 1996 and newer:

  • The emissions test on newer vehicles is called an OBDII test
  • We do this by attaching the emissions tester to your vehicle’s computer. The status (ON/OFF) of the vehicle’s check engine light is the most important part of the test. If your check engine light stays on your vehicle will not pass the inspection.

During the emissions inspection on a vehicle that is 1995 and older:

  • The emissions test on older vehicles is called a TSI test
  • A TSI Inspection is a Two Speed Idle Test where a probe is attached to the exhaust pipe to determine how much HC and CO your vehicle is emitting into the air.

If my check engine light is on can I reset my computer by disconnecting the battery?

No. When your battery is disconnected it sends your computer into “not ready” status. What this means is our emissions tester can no longer read your computer. When your computer is in “not ready” status your vehicle will fail the emissions portion of the inspection.

For more information about emissions testing please visit www.airchecktexas.com

How do I fix my check engine light?

Take your vehicle to a mechanic! They will run a diagnostic test on your vehicle to determine why your check engine light is on. Once they have found the source of the problem they will then be able to fix it which will turn your check engine light off.

What happens if I fail my inspection?

You will have 15 days to have your vehicle repaired. Once your vehicle has been fixed you will then bring it back to us. We will do a re-inspection free of charge.

Do I have to pay if my vehicle fails?

YES. It is State Law.

Does Sticker Stop benefit from failing vehicles?

Sticker Stop does NOT benefit from failing vehicles. We are not a repair shop. Therefore, when a vehicle fails the inspection at Sticker Stop, the repairs have to be done elsewhere. When you come back to have your vehicle re-inspected (within 15 days) you will not be charged again. We actually have to do more work for no extra money when your vehicle fails. We don’t like failing you as much as you don’t like to fail.